Common Problems For Real Estate Agents

Whether you agree or not, the challenges facing by real estate agents are enormous. The issues listed here affect all the agents in one way or another. ProxBox understand the pain and focus on tackling the following pain points:

Lack of Feedback and Status

Listing agents are always in need of feedback from the buyer’s agent.

Buyer's Agents collect their notes/feedback on scraps of paper or countless emails.

And listing agents are always being accused of nagging for these details.

Scheduling Conflicts

Are you tired of hearing my seller can't show at that time.

Agents are mostly on the phone and on the road trying to be in multiple locations in a short window of time to meet with sellers and buyers.

Where they face the most common question “when is the house available to be shown”.


As a real estate professional, you put yourself at risk every day — you just might not realize it. Meeting new clients, showing properties, holding open houses, letting strangers get into your car, and even your marketing may be jeopardizing your personal safety. Such everyday tasks seem harmless, but as some real estate professionals have learned the hard way, these situations can expose you to danger.

How To Give Your Listing A Voice!

The ProxBox solution* combines small proximity sensors called beacons with a mobile application to enhance one’s interaction with their current environment and automatically saving and sending need-to-know content, documents, photos, videos to the agent/buyer's smartphone simply based on where they are physically located.

ProxBox help the agent keep up with their daily showing inventory plus help them with things like:

  • Room by Room Beacon Tour
  • Scheduling showings
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Making an offer with checklist
  • Safety (SOS Helpline)

All the content the agents or buyers receive will save automatically in thier custom ProxBox application.

Also, No need to worry about your buyers, their app will save content, photos and videos and allow them to share via text or email anytime.

ProxBox is the app that keeps on selling for you.

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Understand How ProxBox Works   

Click on both videos below to find out how ProxBox solutions can help to solve your everyday problems as a real estate agent.



Client Buyer/Seller

$0per month

  • Free App download
  • Receive unlimited listing kits
  • Unlimited storage for content, photos, videos
  • Unlimited Notes

Buyer's Agent

$0per month

  • Free App download
  • Receive unlimited listing kits/ beacon tours
  • Unlimited storage for content, photos, videos
  • Unlimited notes/ feedback
  • Receive and download unlimited documents
  • Make an offer connected with docusign $5.95
  • Agent safety button